ATR aims at safety of its users from people who twist words..

Low Storage

Recordings in the app take only 1 GB storage for 1 year storage

VoIP Recording

From v2, ATR will come with VoIP (Internet Call Recording)..

Network Calls

Voice Recording alongwith Call recording enabled in ATR..

ATR App Features

7 Day Free Trial

We offer a 7 Day free trial for our users to test our app and use features fully to conclude

Month/Day wise list

A stucture rich list from Month to Day to 5-minute slot of each recording in 3 phases

Share on Email

Important recordings can be shared on email and works best with samsung music player for in-app

5 Minute Recording Slots

Each recording file will be capped at 5 minutes. Custom recording length enabled when recorded manually

Privacy Enabled

We do not store any recording file on our server. The only drawback is, all files get deleted on uninstall

Built with Core Java

Developed using futuristic coding algorithms and AI. Graphics and UI in XML for Raw Android

Coming Soon: The only 24/7 WhatsApp Call Recorder!

We believe we need to lower operating costs, without sacrificing speed and accuracy. With ATR, you get fast turnarounds, 99%+ accuracy, and more robust features… for less money i.e. $15 per year on an average. The app is coming soon on iOS and windows.

  1. Click "Start ATR" and stop worrying about your surroundings.
  2. Our AI team is working on speech to text of recordings.
  3. Keyword search in recordings script coming soon
  4. Auto Call Recorder inclusive in the voice recorder pack
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Pause Recording

Continous 24/7 recording can be paused and crucial recordings deleted.

Full protection

Recording files are free from virus or any other cyber threats.

Data secure

Backup recordings on Google Drive and iCloud coming soon

Hi-speed UI

ATR takes 0.89 seconds to load full recording list alongside server data

This Mobile App is available for all devices.
i.e, Android and apple devices

* Available on iPhone, iPad and all Android devices