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Smatter Hackathon 3.0

Dear Cyber Security Expert/Ethical Hacker,
Reward-Based Hackathon: Project "SmatterWall"
Target Audience: Ethical hackers, bug bounty hunters, security researchers, and individuals with security expertise.
Task: Conduct a comprehensive security review of the "SmatterWall" focusing on identifying vulnerabilities that could compromise user data, system integrity, or functionality.


Scope: 1) Smatter Hackathon Overview:
The Smatter Hackathon is a three-part competition aimed at testing participants' skills in cybersecurity and system manipulation. The successful completion of all three tasks will reward the winner with $10,000 USD.

2) Tasks:
Task 1: Find the password Participants are required to discover the default password used within the system. The goal is to demonstrate the ability to identify and exploit vulnerabilities to obtain sensitive information.
Task 2: Change User Access from Default to Admin: Once the password is identified in Task 1, participants must use it to change the user access level from default to admin. This task assesses the participant's proficiency in system manipulation and privilege escalation.
Task 3: Regenerate Appointment List with Instant Appointment Admission: Building upon the successful completion of Task 2, participants must regenerate the appointment list, ensuring the immediate admission of appointments. This task evaluates the participant's ability to modify and control system functionality.

3) Submission Requirements:
- Participants must submit detailed reports outlining the methods used to accomplish each task.
- Submissions should include clear documentation of the process, tools, and techniques employed.

4) Evaluation Criteria:
Submissions will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

- Accuracy and completeness of the tasks. - Clarity and detail in the submitted reports. - Demonstration of ethical hacking practices.

5) Reward: The winner of the Smatter Hackathon will receive a cash prize of $10,000 USD upon successful completion of all three tasks

6) Code of Conduct: - Participants must adhere to ethical hacking principles.
- Unauthorized access to systems not involved in the challenge is strictly prohibited.
- Respect the privacy and integrity of the system; avoid causing harm or disruption.

7) Disqualification:
Any participant found violating the code of conduct or engaging in unethical practices will be disqualified from the competition.

8) Timeline:
- Registration opens: 09 March 2024
- Submission deadline: 27 April 2024

9) Contact: For inquiries and assistance, please contact Mr. Parth Shah at

By participating in the Smatter Hackathon, participants agree to abide by the terms and conditions outlined in the draft above as well as in the registration rules and regulations.
The organizers reserve the right to modify the rules or disqualify participants who violate the code of conduct.