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Time Encryption

Time Encryption which uses a smart formula created using timestamp and which is divided further into many key formulas which are recursively added and encrypted to form a strong cipher text which is further masked using cryptography.

Time Encryption is a classified NSA Type 1 encryption algorithm developed in 2023, by Parth Shah, CEO of Smatter Limited. It is used broadly, often for data encryption, and is implemented in mobile applications and backend servers.

As the name suggests the encryption key changes every millisecond and a new key is generated protecting data every second with a new key. Along with the encryption classification, the algorithm is exempted from license requirement due to its classified usage in 164 countries.


The threat of cyberattacks and eavesdropping is extremely high when people are out of the country. In government circles, it is standard operating procedure to assume that all cross-border chats are being monitored or recorded. Eagle+ provides a fully secured TIME ENCRYPTED system for communicating with co-workers in the home office and with others whose locations may not even be known.

Classified Messaging

Government employees traveling or stationed overseas frequently need to communicate over a secure channel with officials and executives from other nations. Smatter Eagle enables these employees to securely discuss sensitive topics with foreign officials.